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Using 340B to help to reduce teenage pregnancy in NYC.

NYCRx has partnered with NYC Department of Health, NYC Department of Education and Fund for Public Health in New York, with support from an anonymous donor, to provide free contraceptives at school-based health centers (SBHC) in NYC. We helped each 340B eligible SBHCs implement the 340B program so that they could purchase contraceptives at deeply discounted prices, and save the anonymous donor a significant amount of money.

The program was supposed to last 3 years program. NYCRx was able to leverage the power of the 340B program to stretch donor funding for over 5 years. Year 5 has just begun and NYCRx has saved over $5.5 million to date.

Our hope is that by having access to safe contraceptives, teens can avoid unwanted pregnancies, focus on their education and build a solid foundation for their futures.

See our Year 5 presentation here.