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Medication Adherence in Patients with Type II Diabetes

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Studying methods to improve medication adherence in patients with Type II Diabetes.

With funding from the New York Community Trust, and in partnership with Touro College of Pharmacy, and the Institute for Family Health, NYCRx is working with an inter-professional team to research medication adherence in patients with type II diabetes in Central Harlem communities.

Central Harlem has one of the highest rates of type II diabetes across the five boroughs, and thus understanding barriers to medication adherence will significantly improve the health of a large portion of people living in Central Harlem.

In 2011, we completed the literature review and put together the study design. In 2012, we secured funding for this project to run the study at a Central Harlem-based clinic, report on the findings and recommend interventions to improve medication adherence.

Our belief is that taking medication in a consistent and timely manner, along with a healthy lifestyle, can improve the welfare of patients with type II diabetes while managing healthcare costs.